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There are no limits, no maps...only light and dark, and shades of gray.

by: Allan Manus

January 2002

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For the past eighteen years, I have been displaying and selling my black and white photographs on the streets of Montreal as a licensed 'artist on the public domain'. Over the years, I have printed, spotted, dry-mounted, matted, packaged and framed many, many photographs which have traveled to the near and far corners of the world. But in all this, what is crucial for me is that from the first print to the most recent, I am still completely enthralled with the 'magic'.

I call it 'magic' because there is something about this seemingly technical art form, which in spite of preconceived designs, reveals the world in an unexpected manner. Thus my sense of mission at the outset is invariably transformed into a voyage of discovery and self-revelation, which with good fortune and perseverance results in a realized magical moment.

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